We live in the 21st century – the century of information technology and endless possibilities.

But progress has both advantages and disadvantages. The rapid development of all industries and transport has significantly aggravated the already critical ecological situation on the planet, the amount of useful substances in food has drastically decreased, which has made their use even dangerous to health, and drinking water has turned into a cocktail containing chlorine and other impurities.

How does this environmental situation affect our body? This has led to the fact that our body is daily attacked by viruses and bacteria. Even a person with good immunity is not protected from the invasion of bacteria, viruses, helminths and fungi into his body. Just imagine, up to 150 different types of parasites can live in your body, releasing toxins every minute that poison your health, destroy your immune system, and cause allergies.

Slagging of the body causes constant fatigue, low efficiency, headaches, frequent colds. Over time, there was a conscious need to create technologies that could help the body resist such negative impacts. Business Process Technologies, as an innovative fast growing company, strives to deliver high-tech IT products that improve the quality of life for people around the world.

The result of many years of research and development by scientists is a unique wellness system designed specifically for Business Process Technologies. The complex includes the Life Balance device and the Life Expert web clinic complex.

The complex uses the current method, developed at the beginning of the twentieth century.

In 1920, Royal scientist Raymond Rife invented the world’s first ultraviolet microscope and micromanipulator. Using this sophisticated apparatus, Rife was the first to see a live virus. Rife painstakingly identified the individual radiation spectrum of each microbe using the properties of the spectral slice. Then he acted on the virus with his own frequency, which led to a resonance. The resonance increased the emission of the frequency, much like two ocean waves reinforce each other when they merge together. In this way, the scientist increased their natural fluctuations until the viruses died from radiation, which, however, did not harm the surrounding tissues. Royal Raymond Rife called this frequency the “death vibrational rate”.

These principles of influence on pathogenic microorganisms formed the basis for the operation of a unique complex – the harmonizing device “Life balance” and the device for express scanning and compiling complexes “Life Expert”.

The portable wellness device “Life balance” is designed to effectively fight parasites, cleanse the body of toxins and prevent many diseases. With the help of electromagnetic waves, which in their frequency coincide with the natural vibrations of microorganisms, “Life balance” affects pathogenic microorganisms in our body, and destroys them, amplifying these vibrations.

The productivity of the device is clearly visible under a dark-field microscope. We placed shoe ciliate bacteria under the microscope and, after a few seconds, launched the device program.

As you can see, the impact of the device led to resonance and rupture of the membrane.

The most important thing is that these electromagnetic waves are absolutely safe for the human body, because. the frequency of vital activity of parasites does not intersect with the frequency of human vital activity. “Life balance” is completely safe for the human body and affects only parasites, and its use has no age restrictions.

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